Recent information published in a medical journal (American Society for Microbiology) a few days ago may indicate that the MMR( measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine is possibly protective in some way!

Antibody immunity to mumps has shown to reduced severity of COVID 19  in those under the age of 42 who have received MMR vaccination. A reported by Jeffery Gold, president of the World Organisation in Watkins, Georgia confirmed the research,  adding to other pieces of evidence showing that MMR vaccine may offer protection against COVID 19. Cape Town university has also conducted research and is beginning to show similar results. The study may explain why children have a much lower infection rate and a much lower death rate.

Most children get their first MMR vaccine at 12 months in South Africa and another dose around age six years.

MMR vaccine is not available to the vast majority of South Africans as it is not part of the Government vaccination schedule.

The main benefit of the MMR vaccine comes from the mumps portion of the vaccine and not the measles and rubella( German measles ). There is no separate vaccine for mumps, and immunity can only be acquired by receiving the MMR vaccine.

Mumps infection in South Africa predominantly occurs in spring affecting children under the age of 10 years, mainly between 5-9 years. Mumps is one of the most common causes of acquired nerve deafness!

With this information in mind, parents are advised to vaccine children at the age of 6 years, and 12 years. Based on the study, it would be prudent to vaccinate all those over the age of 40 regardless of the previous vaccinations.

The Mayo Clinic in the USA, a highly respected medical institution advises that:

Children should have MMR vaccine for the “first day of school.”

It’s vital to ensure that vaccinations are up to date.

Measles can cause serious complications such as pneumonia, encephalitis and leave you with chronic inflammation of your brain called “subsclerosing panencephalitis’. That can kill!

Mumps can; inflame the brain and cause meningitis, inflame the testes and ovaries causing infertility, and inflame the hearing nerve causing deafness.

Rubella or German measles can cause congenital disabilities. It’s a severe illness for pregnant mothers and newborn babies.

All of these viral infections are HIGHLY contagious. I have tried to illustrate the infectious nature of measles by comparing seasonal flu, COVID-19 and Measles, below.


What about the question of MMR and autism? What do parents need to know? Over the past 20 years as a paediatrician, I have answered may parents question on the connections of MMR and autism, and vaccines in general containing “lead” causing seizures and mental retardation in children.

The United Kingdom was impacted and ignored by the rest of the world.

The bottom line if you do not want to read further, there is NO credible connection and evidence that MMR and vaccines are causing severe medical or mental issues in children. Children should be vaccinated by a qualified medical professional with the knowledge to answer your questions, administer the vaccines safely, and treat any rare complication like allergic reactions. 

An excellent publication authored by Michael Fitzpatrick a UK doctor will reassure parents about the safety of MMR, and reassure parents of children with autism that they have not a reason to blame themselves over administering the vaccine to children.

John Flett