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Your child is being assessed for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and or associated conditions (medical, learning, emotional). Arrival 15 minutes before consultation for completion of administration forms and weighing and measuring of your child is crucial so that we can spend as much time with the assessment as possible.

It is preferred that both parents attend the appointment unless unavoidable circumstances prevent this.

You will be asked to complete forms to provide information on how your child functions in different areas of life. Should you have any previous reports or assessments from teachers or medical practitioners, please let us have a copy. Timeous completion of all forms and submission 1 week before the appointment will allow more efficient use of time during the consultation.

Please complete the forms which are accessible from the website link for new assessments and follow up appointments.

non-refundable deposit of R1000 must be paid into the banking details provided below within 48 hours of scheduling the appointment, and proof of payment sent through via e-mail to accounts@drjohnflett.comThe balance is payable at the time of consultation. Should parents require further time to discuss additional queries, these would be covered in a follow-up consultation at an additional cost.

Getting appropriate treatment for ADHD is very important. There may be very serious negative consequences for persons with ADHD who do not receive adequate treatment. These consequences can include low self-esteem, social and academic failure, substance abuse, and a possible increase in the risk of antisocial and criminal behaviour.

Depending on the assessment outcome, a 2 week follow up appointment will be made to assess treatment or review additional tests. A follow up feedback email is encouraged from parents and or teachers after one week of treatment.

Requires regular follow-ups every 4 months. These follow up visits will be limited to a 30 minute time period.

An assessment report will be compiled and emailed to all relevant role players in the holistic management of your child. Should you not wish for the report to be emailed to role players, please inform us before the appointment.

If a diagnosis is given which requires a repeat script, you will be required to pay an amount of R110 per script monthly. Original scripts are required by law at any pharmacy. We may write up to 3 months post-dated scripts, but they will only supply you with 1 month of medication at a time.

Scripts can be posted to you should you live out of the Upper Highway area. However, the postage of scripts will be at your own risk, as we are unable to guarantee timeous delivery due to the inefficient postage service. All scripts must be paid for before they are released and can be paid via EFT. Scripts must be requested via our website and you will receive a confirmation response from our Practice. Should you not receive a response, please consider your request undelivered and contact our rooms.

Please be advised that ALL scripts requested will be charged for and are unfortunately non-refundable as scripts completed take a considerable amount of time to complete.

Chronic forms can be obtained from your medical aid. These forms must be provided by the patient to our rooms to be completed. Please note that there will be a charge which may be claimed back from your medical aid depending on your plan and medical aid.

Banking Details:
Dr J. A. Flett
Investec Bank
Acc no: 10010829326
B-Code: 580105

We look forward to seeing you at your consultation. Please contact our rooms should you have any further questions.

Kind Regards,

Your team at Dr Flett’s.